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          Clinical compilation
          The clinical effect observations by TianBo brand HYJ Intellectual Inflammation Therapeutic Appa-ratus for athletics injuries

          Chinese People's Liberation Army Eight- one sports training unit health department
          Hong Xin Li

                     Athletes often fall across sports injury during high-intensity and heavy workload training and sport compe-tition. Athletis injuries are most commonly observed asligament sprain and muscle stain. No matter which kindof injuries it is, it will always infuence player's trainingand contests. In order to reduce injuries in the largestextent, it is necessary to adopt an appropriate treatmentafter acute stage of injuries. The author reported 406cases of athletes with athletic injuries treated by TianBoHYJ Intellectual Inflammation Therapeutic Apparatus.

                    The purpose of this research is to seek an effectivephysical therapy of sport injuries healing which can sup-port normal training and contest to athletes. The reportis as follow:

          1. Object and Method

          1.1 Observation Objects
          406 athletes and coaches suffering with athletic in-juries received appropriate treatment during acute stageof injuries. After at least 24 hours, this inflammationtherapeutic apparatus treated them.

          1.2 Equipment
          TianBo HYJ Intellectual Inflammation TherapeuticApparatus. (Invented and produced by ChongQing ShuMing Science and Technology Development Co, Ltd.)

          1.3 Treatment Method
          Fix columniform radiator of HYJ-II IntellectualInflammation Therapeutic Apparatus above the afectedarea of skin 1-2cm correspondingly, then irradiate theaffected part directly. It takes 10-15 minutes each time,once per day, every 7 days is one treatment period.

          1.4 Curative Effects
          Curative effects assessment could be divided into 4grades. CURE: Pain disappeared, function recovered;MARKEDLY IMPROVEMENT: Pain relieved obvious-ly, functionrecovered; IMPROVEMENT: Pain relieved,function recovered partially; FAILURE: Symptom didnot improve, movement limited, disability.

          2. Results

          2.1 We received satisfactory results after we usedTianBo Brand HYJ Intellectual Inflammation Thera-peutic Apparatus to treat athletic injuries. The curativeeffect is especially obvious when we used this machineto treat acute athletic injuries, which happened on kneejoints, shoulder joints. Especially on the 9th NationalGames, on the condition of competition being very furi-ous, contest arrangement being very compact, athletesreceived more injuries and diseases. Microwave treat-ment machine was warmly welcomed by athletes andcoaches as its good and quick effect, short period oftreatment. The treatment results of athletic injuries oC-curring on different positions can be seen in the follow-ing table. It can be observed from cases distribution sta-tus that athletic injuries will mainly be injuries of kneejoint, shoulder joint and ankle joint. Statistics shows that the recovery rate is 49.01%, and the total efective rateis 99%. Treating athletic injuries such as inflammationof the patella tendonf -ligament injuries of the ankle joint, traumatic Achilles tendinitis ,traumatic tenosyno-vitis and etc. by this machine, the total recovery rateis 56.08%, the total effective rate is 85.09%. Treating athletic injuries such as traumatic synovitis of the knee joint, meniscus lesions, traumatic tendinitis of the rota-tor cuff and etc. by this machine, the total recovery rateis only 40.70% and the total efective rate is 79.07%.The recovery rate and effective rate are a itle lower,comparing with the former one. It might be caused bydifferent damage degrees of the tissue on each athleticinjury position. To sum up, it is a better treatment to usemicrowave physical therapy to treat multi-happening athletic injuries on partial tssues such as knee joint,shoulder joint and ankle joint.

          2.2 Typical Cases
          2.2.1 Mr. Han, Male, 67 years old, coach, the rightside knee joint swollen and painful, it was diagnosed asinflammation of the patella tendon. We treated him byHYJ-II Intellectual Infammation Therapeutic Apparatus,with the dosage 60W. The radiator was placed 1-2cm
          away from the afected area and rradiated drectly. The :treatment period is 15 minutes each time, once per day.After 7 times' treatment, partial edema was reduced, and the pain was relieved. After 14 times' treatment, the partial edema of the right knee joint disappeared, arthre-
          dema was reduced, the pain disappeared, the arthrosis can move freely.

          2.2.2 Mrs. Hu, Female, 28 years old, basketballplayer, has painful on both Achilles and legs, it was di-agnosed as traumatic Achilles tendonitis on both sides.We treated her by HYJ-II Intellectual Inflammation Therapeutic Apparatus, with the dosage 60W. The radia-tor was placed 1-2cm away from the affected area and irradiated directly. The treatment period is 15 minutes each time, once per day. After 7 times' treatment, the symptom disappeared obviously, the arthrosis can move freely, and then she can attend the training and contest normally.
          3. Discussion
          3.1 Microwave belongs to high-energy electro-magnetic wave, when it is used on human body, it cancause the electric charge such as afected histiocyte in-ner hydronium, outer hydronium, dipole molecule and etc. which are inside of body to take high-speed surging,rotating and rubbing. Then they can bring a mass of thermal energy. At the same time, they can radiate far infrared light wave. Therefore, it can have double treat-ment effect from microwave and far infrared wave. The normal cells can quickly conduct these thermal energy,accelerate acidity-metabolized substances to move out-side. They can also reduce the edema on ffected area,
          boost up leukocyte phagocytosis, improve organic im-mune function. Finally it can activate organic restoring and adapting system, acelerate rehabilitative course.Furthermore, thermal energy can cause capillary ves-sels expand in radiation area, improve partial blood cycles, eliminate veinlet gores. It can also be propitious to inflammatory substances (histaminase, kinin) clean up. It can improve local tissue's acid-base balance, ceaseedema, and reduce tension between tissues.

          3.2 Athletes often fall across sports injury during the period of training and contests. Sports injury has its own disease reasons, pathologic features and spe-cial sports features. Sports injury is mainly caused by partial overstrains, and its injured positions are mainly knee joint, shoulder joint and ankle joint. Most of them are traumatic inflammation and denaturation on muscle,sarcolemma and ligament. Except this, the local infam-mations caused by chronic, tiny trauma of articular carti-lage and bursa is very common relatively, which is quite different from ordinary crowd. Therefore, it is very nec-essary to have correct treatment at acute period, and it is more important to adopt an appropriate treatment after acute stage of injuries. Chinese traditional medicine,acupuncture, massage and physical therapy are also very ffctive. Physical therapies of microwave and far ifra-red light wave can improve substantial metabolizes on
          affected area, eliminate edema, accelerate concrescence,and eliminate scar adhesion and contracture. It is verys afe, no side effect, very quick to see results. Micro-wave physical therapy is warmly welcome by athletes,coaches and sports doctors as it has very ideal curative ffcts to treat multi-happening athletic injuries on knee joint, shoulder joint, ankle joint and other areas.

          3.3 HYJ Inflammation Therapeutic Apparatus can
          mainly produce microwave and far infrared light wave.It can produce a great deal of thermal energy within theoutput power scope. Meanwhile, it also produces burn-ing feeling on local, deep radiating area. Thus, we cansee that it brings the double treatment functions of both microwave and far infrared light wave on human bodies.

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