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          Clinical compilation
          The clinical observations of intellectualized microwave treatment for arthrosis and arthritis

          Chinese People's Liberation Army Eight- one sports training unit health departmentChongQing Medical University accessorial No.1 hospital rehabilitation department
          Xia Xin Shu

                    Our department used TianBo HYJ Inellctual In-flammation Therapeutic Apparatus treat arthrosis and arthritis 58 cases from March to May in year 2002.We received satisfactory clinical curative effects. Now we make the following summarizations:

                   1.Data and Methods
                    58 cases in this group are all confirmed by clini-cal diagnose, 25 male cases, 33 female cases.20 cases are inpatients, 38 cases are outpatients. The patients;~ages are between 13 and 83, and we observed 28 cases in January, 24 cases from January to June, and 11 cases in June. llnesss kind: parenchyma trauma 21 cases, pro-lapsed lumbar intervertebral disc 9 cases, cervical spon-dylosis 6 cases, frozen shoulder 5 cases, degenerativearthrosis 5 cases, pelvic inflammatory disease 4 cases,faucitis 3 cases, prostatitis 2 cases, deep vein embolism,phlebitis, wound infection 1 case of each.
                  We treated the patients with HYJ Intellectual In-flammation Therapeutic Apparatus, the frequency is2450 + 30MHz, the output power is 23-180W (I-VIIIadjustable grade). We took the treatment monitor to aim at pathological changes areas or aching locations in close distance. We selected the treatment dosage ac-cording to the ilness severity and onset time. When symptom and physical sign were very serious or in an acute period, we chose I;"ll grade. When symptom and physical sign were mild or in a chronic period, we chose II;IV grade. Outpatients were treated once per day,and inpatients were treated twice per day. Each time the treatment lasted 15 minutes. The quantity of treatment is from twice to 17 times. We treated 21 cases from twice to 6 times, 24 cases from 7 times to 14 times, 18 cases more than 14 times. Each course of treatment was 6 times. We made a brief summary after it. When the whole treatment finished, we judge the curative efect.

          The criterion of curative effects
               Cure: Clinical symptom and physical sign disap-peared, functions rchabilitated into normal status.
               Markedly Improvement: Clinical symptom andphysical sign improved greatly, functions rehabilitated into normal status in large extent.
               Improvement: Clinical symptom and physical signimproved, functions rehabilitated into normal statuspartly.
               Failure: There is no change after treatment.
               Among this group, we cured 13 cases (20.63%).There are 19 cases were markedly improvement
               (32.78%), 22 cascs were improvement (37.93%), and 4 cases were failure (6.89%). The recovery rate is 55.17%, and the total effective rate is 93.10%. (Please see the attached table)


               Microwave belongs to high-frequency electromag-netic wave. It has a biology ffect, which is owned by all high-frequency electrotherapies. Its physical therapy basis is heat action. Emission of heat from microwave with low frequency can expand blood vessels, accelerate blood cycle and boost up immune cells phagocytosis. It can also accelerate inflammatory substances removal, improve organic metabolize, and boost tissues growth and repair. It can disturb the impulse of pain to conduct central nervous system, depress sensory nerves conduct-bility and excitability, relieve parenchyma contracture,and ease edema and tension. Therefore, it has obvious treatment functions such as anti-inflammation effect and analgesia effect.
               HYJ Iellectual Inflammation Therapeutic Appa-ratus has digital display and full computer controlling techniques. Its capability is very stable, and microwave leakage is very scarce. It is very easy to operate and it is very safe and credible. Compared with the other brand, it has many features such as energy concentra-tion, large power, strong penetrability, high resolution
          power, exact orientation and etc. This machine is very effective to treat aching arthrosis, parenchyma trauma,and phlogistic diseases. It is particularly effective when treating early period parenchyma trauma and acute phlo-gistic diseases. The recovery rate is quite high, and the average treatment times are very lttle. While, treating chronic injuries together with conglutination, bone hy-perplasia and other diseases, the treatment result is infe-rior relatively, and the treatment times are more. If we added the courses of treatment when we treated some
          outpatient chronic diseases, the curative efct could be
               The clinial application observations of this groupshow: HYJ Inellectual Inflammation Therapeutic Ap-paratus is one of the effective methods to treat aching arthrosis and other phlogistic diseases. It is worth widely clinical generalization and application.

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