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          Clinical compilation
          The analgesia effect observations of microwave treatment on the senescent knee arthritis

          Chinese People's Liberation Army Eight- one sports training unit health departmentChongQing Medical University accessorial No.1 hospital rehabilitation departmentChongQing City Nan Tong Grand Hospital
          Liu Huai Qing, Tang Rong Bin and Yang Xia

          Xia Xin Shu

                   The senescent knee joint pain is one of the common illnesses. The patients always feel agonizing and an-guished due to intractable treatment. It is also a difficult problem to clinical doctors. Our anesthesia department received and treated 118 cases with senescent knee ar-thritis from outpatients and inpatients from Oct. 2000 to Oct.2001. We adopted the new microwave treatment technology and obtained satisfactory curative fects.Now we summarize and report the treatment details as below: 

          1. Data and Methods

          1.1 General Data
          This group has 118 cases, male 77 cases, female41 cases, the ages are from 50 to 84, and the average age is 62.37 years old. We have 38 cases, whose dis-ease course is within one year, 59 cases whose disease course is from 1 to 5 years and 21 cases whose discase course is more than 5 years. All the cases had taken X-ray examination. We did ;°CT土check for 46 cases. After clinical diagnose, we found 64 cases infected with osteoarthritis, 28 cases infected with traumatic arthritis, 9 cases infected with periostitis, 6 cases infected with occupational disease of knee joint and 11 cases infected with rheumatoid arthritis (after test of ESR, ASO, RF).

          1.2 Treatment Methods
          We used TianBo HYJ Intellectual InflammationTherapeutic Apparatus, the frequency is 2450 MHz, and the output power is 23-68W. We located the radiator directly 3-5cm away fom the bare affected area under the normal temperature, we could also iradiate tightly attached the clothes. When the patient felt hot but still can stand, we needed to move the radiator to avoid tis-sue burming. We chose I, II, II grade power to make the treatment according to patientsj~ tolerability. It took 10-15 minutes each time, once per day, every 7 days was one treatment period.

          1.3 Curative effect observations and judging criteria We used Visual Analogue Scale (VAS). Each time we recorded carefully the VAS scores before treatment and after treatment. The result was excellent if the pain score was zero after treatment, and it was markedly im-provement if the VAS score was between 6-8. It was improvement if VAS score was between 3-5, and it was failure when VAS score was between 0-2.

          2. Results
          We didn; t use any other treatment methods when we treated all the cases with HYJ Inellectual Inflamma-tion Therapeutic Apparatus. After one course of treat-ment we calculated, 17 cases were excellent (14.41%),58 cases were markedly improvement (49.15%), 36cases were improvement (30.51%), and the total effec-tive rate was 94.07%.7 cases were failure, so the failure rate was5.93%.

          3. Discussions
          Knee joint is the most intact and complicated joint on human body. It has not only the main structures of synovial joint (articular surface, articular capsule, articu-lar cavity), but also many acessorial structures (menis-cus, ligament, synovial capsulef- synovial fold and fat pad). Degenerative changes cause high incident rate on keen joint since it has more complicated structures, also numerous disease categories. Although the methods of clinical conservative treatment are plenty, the curative effect is unsatisfactory. We treated this group of cases with HYJ Inellctual Inflammation Therapeutic Ap-paratus. Clinical results approved relative research data.In the human body£- - pathological change areas can absorb microwave energy then cause the inner and outer membrane ions, charged colloid and dipolar molecules to oscillate in high speed, rotate, rub, and convert into thermal energy. Tepid treatment in medium dosage can cause the body to produce heat, partial skin capillary vessels to expand and congest. It can also accelerate blood flow, raise the temperature, promote metabolism,support sufficient nutrition, and accelerate reproducible ability and cell viability. Absorption of inflammatory and metabolism will benefit diminution of inflammation and edema. Meanwhile, it can lower the excitability of nerve endings. Thus, it has the function of pain relief and stopping muscle cramp. Pyrogenic treatment with large dosage can also activate and enhance the body;" s immune system, which will accelerate inflammation ab-sorption. As a result, its clinical application has a great extent. It can assemble orientation exactly in the deep tissue even though the treatment is in winter, the patientdoesn; t need to uncover their legs. The treatment is  not limited by circumstances and other conditions andit has no poisonous action, side effect and complication.The total efective rate of this group is high to 94.07%,which shows that microwave energy does have the great treatment functions. It can boost up bodyi s metabo-lism, absorb and eliminate infammatory exudation and bacterial toxin. It can also accelerate bodyi s rehabili-tation, and then achieve the function of pain relief. As a conclusion, the author believes that the microwave energy is one of the most effective treatments to treat senescent knee arthritis.

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