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The best things in life are worth the wait. 

Waiting List & Future Litters

F1 Bernedoodle 22.jpg

DUE December 2021

F1 Mini Bernedoodle

Average 25-40lbs at maturity
Color - Classic Tri and Phantom Tri
Parents: Abby and Bruce

Zuri Litter Est Due Jan/Feb 2022


DUE December 2021

F1 Mini Sheepadoodle

Average 30-40lbs at maturity 
Color - Black & White
Parents: Izzy & Batman

Estimated Due Spring 2022

F1b Mini Bernedoodle

Average 30-40lbs at maturity
Color - Classic Tri, Sable & Sable Tri
Parents: Duchess & Groot
$3000 - Sable

$3500 - Tricolor, Phantom, Parti


Estimated Due Spring 2022

F1b Mini Goldendoodle

Average 15-23lbs at maturity
Color - Red & Apricot
Parents: Ivy & Jack 

Max & Jack

Teacup Goldendoodle 5.jpg

Ready Now and Due Oct 2021

Petite Teacup Goldendoodle

Average 13-15lbs at maturity 
Color - Red
Parents: Pepper & Jack 

Ellie & Jack


DUE Est Spring 2022

F1b Mini Sheepadoodle

Average 25-40lbs at maturity 
Color - Varity - Black and White and Cream/White
Parents: Millie & Batman
$2500 - Other Color and Markings

$3000- Black and White Puppies

Teacup Goldendoodle

Born & Due| Breeding Status: BRED & Born

1. Sara Allen


Updated as of 1/25/20

F1 Mini  Sheepadoodle

DUE December 2021|Breeding Status: Bred

*Breeder Pick Priority if desired*

1. Diana Smith 

2. Molly Bishop

3. Heather Dickey


F1b Mini  Bernedoodle

DUE Feb 10th 2021|Breeding Status: Bred

*Breeder Pick Priority if desired*

1. Heather Wolf

2. Michelle Maynard

Due dates, Litter Size, and Colors are only ever a prediction based on history, genetics, etc. We can never guarantee a females due date until breeding. While we do our best to predict when a female *should* be in heat, at the end of the day you never know for sure. Announcements will be made at breeding time, pregnancy confirmation, and birth! Even after pregnancy confirmation it is possible that the female can lose the pregnancy. We appreciate all of our waiting lists families understanding!

F1b Mini  Goldendoodle

DUE Spring 2022|Breeding Status: Waiting

F1 Mini  Bernedoodle

Due Dec 2021|Breeding Status: Bred
**Current F1 Mini Bernedoodle Waiting list is approx 9-12 months depending on gender/marking preferences**

1.Cheri Cary
2. Carly Robin
3. Kim Adler
4. Carissa Zavallos

5. Shanda Dominguez

6. Heather Wolf

7. Ashley Schrange

8. Chelsea Schroeder 

*Becca Carlson (Zuri Prefrence)

9. Katie Giles

10. Michelle Maynard

F1 bMini  Sheepadoodle

DUE Spring 2022|Breeding Status: Waiting for Heat


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