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Guardian Home Opportunities

You may be asking yourself, what is a guardian home? 

- A guardian home is the program we use for the majority of our dogs! It allows us to provide each of our parent dogs with a very normal life, it allows them tons and tons of one on one attention and love, and they truly get to be a part of a family. Where some breeders who have several dogs, are more like a kennel, with limited human interaction  for their dogs, we prefer to keep it more "home raised and loved" 

What is the benefit of being a guardian? 
-There are several! First being that you get a dog from us, free of charge, this dog is health tested and guaranteed in top health! You get to love them, and have them as your own, only coming to our home to raise their litters, and then back to the family they know and love! They are your pet, we just retain breeding rights. 
- We also offer monetary benefits for your participation as well. We offer $500 per litter that your guardian momma (and $100 per guardian daddy). If you are a guardian of one of our female's and you complete good citizen dog training with her, your bonus is doubled. We never want money to be a driving factor for being a guardian, but we appreciate your participation and the fact that you love one of our mommas (and daddies!) like your own! 

What are the requirements to be a guardian? 

- 1. You must live within 2 hours of the Des Moines Area, and be willing to meet me for breeding/testing/etc. 
- 2. Your backyard must be fenced in. We take safety seriously and we want to know our parents are safe and secure in your care. 

-3. All other dogs you may have MUST be spayed/neutered. 
-4. You must be observant of your female in order to notify us at first signs of heat, so that we can get her in for the necessary testing/breeding. 

How to I apply?

-Send in an App below! 

What are the current guardian needs? 
We currently have young Mini Goldendoodle females that we have guardian home opportunities for. 

In the future we are expecting a need for a home for a Bernese Mountain Dog, Poodle, and possibly a Mini Bernedoodle.

Application Form

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